Between the shadows and the soul. I bring you the most kind, creative, rhythmic, artistic couple who have the most wild love for each other. Jack and Alyssa have love and music running through them. Dancing through the beautiful leaves of Clarendon’s whimsical Maison De Moon I was in awe of the fairytale like scenes that I was filming.

Next to the French provincial style farmhouse by the lake was a clear roof marquee filled with hand made decor by Alyssa and her family. There were napkins which were hand dyed and ornaments of dehydrated blood oranges which filled the tables. Every inch of this wedding was considered and executed with the utmost love and care. 

To quote Alyssa's speech “ I love you for every reason and for no reason at all” This was an unconditional love which felt so natural and meant to be. Having known Jack and Alyssa personally, this wedding day pulled on my heartstrings like you wouldn't believe. From the way they looked at each other, the music their family members played and their beautiful son Jet stole the show with this heartwarming, tear producing speech which left no dry eyes in the marquee. 

You might need a box of tissues when watching this one as there will be happy tears during this emotional rollercoaster of a wedding video.


Venue - Maisondemoon
CATERING - Sprout Cooking School & Health Studio
Dress - The Bridal Lab
MUSIC - Amicus String Quartet
DJ - DJ Ruby Chew
celebrant - Penny Griggs
Photos - georgykeen photography 
Video - Alexandra Pratt Wedding Videography